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Service continuity and quality are priority objectives for Terna: for the users of the transmissionElectricity transport and transformation activities along the interconnected high- and very high-voltage grid forthe purposes of delivery to customers, distributors, and recipients of self-produced energy. and dispatchingThe activity aimed at issuing provisions for the coordinated use and operation of production plants, thenational transmission grid, the grids connected to the same, and ancillary services of the electricity system. service, and more in general for the public at large, it is important that electricity is supplied without interruptionCondition in which the voltage of the terminals delivering electrical energy for a user is lower than 1% of therated voltage. and that the electricity supplied meets high quality standards.

At the beginning of 2008, the People Satisfaction survey was repeated that had been conducted for the first time in 2007. The survey, whose principal results are included in the box “People Satisfaction 2008”, marked a slight increase in the overall satisfaction level.

Highlight: People satisfaction 2008

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