stakeholder involvement

Given that service provided under concession agreements accounts for the bulk of the company's activities and revenues, Terna's customersBusinesses or distribution companies, wholesalers and the final buyers of electrical energy. are primarily electricity sector operators. They apply to Terna to access the transmissionElectricity transport and transformation activities along the interconnected high- and very high-voltage grid forthe purposes of delivery to customers, distributors, and recipients of self-produced energy. and dispatchingThe activity aimed at issuing provisions for the coordinated use and operation of production plants, thenational transmission grid, the grids connected to the same, and ancillary services of the electricity system. service. Terna operates under concession agreements since the National Transmission Grid is a monopoly.

In defining its Code of EthicsIt is often called a“business charter”, as it represents the foundation of the company’s culture and explicitly sets forth the rights and duties and areas of responsibility that the business undertakes to respect in dealing with its stakeholders. It is an official document, signed by the BoD, which requiresthe compliance of all personnel. and through the active involvement of executives and top managers, Terna has identified the most significant stakeholderEveryone (individuals, groups, organizations, institutions) interested in the company, especially if directlyaffected by company’s activities in economic terms – such as shareholders, employees, customers and suppliers – but also when only indirectly affected, such as the general public bearing an interest in the protection of the environment. categories in terms of continuity of relations and of the importance of their mutual impact.

For Terna, 2007 was a year of consolidation, both under the economic and financial profiles, with higher results for the Group compared to the previous year and in terms of sustainability. Within the company, awareness has increased regarding the link between reaching company objectives, increasing shareholders' value and taking account of the stakeholders' expectations. Through this awareness, the determination to continue along the path of sustainability has also increased.

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