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Share performance

From its initial listing (June 2004) to the end of December 2007, Terna SpA guaranteed its shareholders a 62.2% increase in share price – almost two times the appreciation of the S&PMib Index (+38.2%) – and a rise in capitalization of 2.1 billion euro: from the initial 3.4 billion to over 5.5 billion. 2007 ended with a price fixed at 2.758 euro per share and Terna’s shares registered an increase of 6.1%. The relative performance compared to the Italian market average rose to over 14% (S&PMib -8.2% and Mibtel -8.8%).

In the medium- and long-term, sustainability issues tend to gain importance in Terna's developmentWorks on the electricity grid which lead to the adjustment or upgrading of the transport, transformation,connection and interconnection capacity, or an increase in operating flexibility of the grid, or the removal ofgrid elements. strategies, with particular regard to aspects of territorial relations, environmental impact and social responsibility in foreign countries. The issue of core competences will also be intensified in the next few years within a phase of generational change. However, the quality and safety of the electricity service continues to be of fundamental importance.

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