innovative technology

In order to introduce new technological and plant solutions, new tools and methods aimed improving grid reliabilityThe fulfilment of two conditions:• availability: capability to respond, statically and in every moment, to the customers’ global demand for power and electrical energy at the connection points, taking into account planned and forced going off-line of the components of the electricity system; • security: capability torespond to sudden disturbances such as short-circuits or forced loss of components of the electricity system. Thus, this aspect specifically considers transition effects which are not covered by the first criterion. and service quality, Terna mainly uses its own internal technicians who closely monitor and analyze the performance of systems and plants and who are constantly finding new improved solutions. Terna also relies on specialized support from builders, from the Universities and from CESI SpA, a specialized research center of which it owns 24.4%.

PlanningDefinition of the usage plans, for a specific period of time, for the available means of production andtransmission, in order to satisfy the energy requirements with respect to quality and continuity of service. and building new power lines and stations are essential to ensuring that the Electricity System adapts to developments in electricity generation and consumption. Terna is committed to searching for technically satisfactory solutions that ensure economic utility for the general public. Specifically, Terna makes sure that the benefit of a development measure in terms of reduced electricity costs for the general public exceeds the costs incurred to implement the measure.

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