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Terna SpA has been listed in the Italian Stock Exchange since June 2004. Its share capital totals 440,199,936 euro and is made up of 2,000,908,800 ordinary shares with a nominal value of 0.22 euro.
At the end of June 2008, TERNA’s relative majority shareholder was Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (a share company owned for 70% by the Ministry for Economy and Finance) which holds 29.99% of shares.
65% of the capital is Italian, while 35% is held by foreign funds. In particular:

Terna’s principal activity is to provide an electricity transmissionElectricity transport and transformation activities along the interconnected high- and very high-voltage grid forthe purposes of delivery to customers, distributors, and recipients of self-produced energy. service over extra-high voltage lines connecting power stations to distributors' grids. The service is provided under government concession. In Italy, where Terna owns nearly 98% of the National Transmission Grid and is also the Electricity System operator, this service is essential to the operationThe methodical use of power plants and accessories according to procedures codified in the implementationof the decisions regarding the operation of the Grid. Operation includes:• the running of the plants in order to carry out Terna’s orders and autonomous deliveries; • emergency assistance following fault or anomalies; • operations for going offline and for the security of the plants; • the monitoring of the status of the plants; • plant inspections. of the entire Electricity System and to ensuring the electricity supply of the entire population.

According to its nature, Terna’s activity has a considerable impact on the territory. As the owner of some Italy’s largest and most strategic infrastructures and of parts of transmission lines abroad, its presence is tangible, visible and is usually associated with the large steel electricity pylons crossing the territory and marking the landscape.

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