Terna’s commitment to the community is to guarantee an efficient and safe transmissionElectricity transport and transformation activities along the interconnected high- and very high-voltage grid forthe purposes of delivery to customers, distributors, and recipients of self-produced energy. service. Terna is also involved in carrying out a series of initiatives in the community for supporting two principal aspects: environment and culture.

In 2007 and during the first half of 2008, the following most important initiatives were carried out.


  • The Pimby Award (Please In My Backyard), created by the same Association, awarded a special recognition to the body that built infrastructures with a spirit of innovation, fully respecting the participation of stakeholders and the protection of territories. By supporting this initiative, Terna demonstrated its own attention to the sustainable developmentWorks on the electricity grid which lead to the adjustment or upgrading of the transport, transformation,connection and interconnection capacity, or an increase in operating flexibility of the grid, or the removal ofgrid elements. of the country’s infrastructures.
  • Terna and La Repubblica.it promoted the online educational initiative “Readers for the climate”, included in the web pages of Italy’s leading newspaper for informing and increasing an awareness for sustainability and energy saving. In only two months, over 15,000 users registered to play and participated in a specific environmental project.
  • The partnership continued with Ornis Italica through the Birdcam Project, which monitors the reproduction of falcons and kestrels, many of which have chosen to nest in bird-houses placed on pylons. Bird lovers can watch the birds on the website www.birdcam.it, created through Terna’s support.


  • Not only injecting electricity into the grid, but also knowledge. This has been Terna’s approach in participating in the “Laboratory of ideas”, created by the LUISS University for integrating specialized university knowledge with managerial knowledge. An initiative organized into 8 meetings that intends to accompany future managers in integrating all the aspects for becoming excellent professionals.
  • Building more manageable and human cities, integrating urbanization, environmental impact, economy and research. This is the objective of “EUR Cultural Events”, that was held in Rome from April to December involving experts in this sector. As an important player in the development of the territory, Terna supported this initiative for extending the debate to a harmonious development of both urban and non-urban areas.
  • In November, Rome hosted one of the most important events in the Energy sector: the 20th edition of the World Energy Council. Demonstrating its commitment for developing the grid in line with the most modern national and international standards, Terna was one of the main sponsors of the event and elaborated a vast information and exchange project that was held during the official program: from the mini website Terna@WEC, accessible from Terna’s website Terna.it, where the information regarding the grid was made available in the main languages of the conference, to the “Technical Sessions” organized within Terna’s stand on technology, the environment, maintenanceOperations and works for the maintenance or recovery of efficiency, and smooth operation of the electricplants, taking into account any decrease in performance. of the National Transmission Grid, regulatory systems and international development, to the official presentation of the pylons designed by the well known architect Sir Norman Foster for improving the visual impact of the lines on the territory through an innovative design.
  • Thanks to an agreement with ANSA, the leading Italian press agency, photographic images of electricity transmission were included in the “Photo Book ANSA 2007”. The “Photo Book” also led to the organization of a photographic exhibit.
  • In April 2008, Terna was the official sponsor of the “International Energy Forum” in Rome, which was attended by panelists from the Italian and international energy world to discuss the development of energy policies.

Terna is particularly keen to support academic research and training initiatives on issues pertaining to the electricity sector. In 2007, it financed scholarships or issued contributions for:

  • RIDEF Master “Energy for Kyoto” of the Milan Polytechnic;
  • Master in “Antitrust and Market Regulation” of CEIS-Tor Vergata II Rome University;
  • Master MEGeS in Economics and Management of Public Utility Services at the Bocconi University;
  • Master SAFE on Energy Resource management.

It also provided financial support to the initiative “Laboratories on Grid Services” of the Guido Carli University of Rome.

Initiatives in the Brazilian community

Terna shows its commitment for improving the standards of the Brazilian citizens’ quality of life through its corporate social responsibility projects managed by its subsidiary Terna Participações.

Below the social programs are listed that were sponsored during 2007. The wide variety of initiatives and the connected financial commitment reflect the existence of a specific tax incentive envisaged by the Brazilian Law.

  • The “Circo sociale Casa della Cultura” project (Social Circus - Culture Home) has helped the social and intellectual transformation of 150 children in various schools of the metropolitan area of Rio de Janeiro, teaching them the circus arts. The project, which lasted 12 months, included a series of lessons during school hours and the creation of a show that was presented in November 2007 (funding: 535,000.00 Reais, equal to approximately 215,000.00 euro).
  • The initiative ”Books in Braille” and “audio books” for the blind produced and distributed free books in Braille and audio books to 5,500 blind people, 350 book stores, 500 schools, 180 associations and 50 universities located in Brazil where Terna Participações owns and develops electricity lines in the country (funding: 370,000.00 Reais equal to approximately 150,000.00 euro)
  • The project “Planet Water” (launched at the beginning of January 2008) is a roaming environmental education project characterized by a theater show and various artistic workshops for creating an awareness among citizens for respecting and preserving natural resources, particularly water and for reducing their uses. The project is aimed in particular at children between 8 and 12 years of age, attending public schools in Brazil. The locations chosen were the public parks and various communities where pavilions will host the events. A “full” service is also planned which includes, in addition to the theater shows and workshops, also a free transportation service from the schools to the parks hosting these events. The cities chosen for the 2008 pilot project are: Samambaia in the federal district of Serra de Mesa, Gurupi in the state of Goiás and Bom Jesus da Lapa in the state of Bahia.
  • The program “Com a Bola Toda” (Everyone with a Soccer Ball), launched during the first months of 2008, was created for improving the quality and structures of soccer schools managed by “Casa de Cultura da Baixada Fluminense” in Rio de Janeiro (an association involved for years in social projects), through the promotion of the right to sport and relaxation and for creating places for social interaction and education.
    The program also includes improving the spaces used for training and soccer championships. The project’s target are 200 children and adolescents living in depressed social conditions and registered in the network for social education in Rio de Janeiro and those belonging to socially discriminated groups owing to their socio-economic conditions or to their race.
  • “A Screen in the Classroom”, that began during the first half of 2008, is a special project aimed at schools that can use dubbed international films and Brazilian films (for promoting quality films with children and teachers) that will participate in the international children’s film festival. In 2008, school kits will be distributed, including 10 movies for the international film festival and 4 workbooks including suggestions for facilitating the teachers’ tasks. Initially, 200 kits will be distributed in the cities located near the electricity lines owned by Terna Participações.
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