Results reached and programs

2007 marked significant progress in all the areas of responsibility; the predefined objectives were almost all reached and in some cases even surpassed. In particular, the following results are highlighted:

  • in December 2006, obtaining the ISO 14001 certification crowned a year of intensive preparatory work for an environmental management system that covers all of Terna's activities. The result was also supported by having obtained at the same time the OHSAS 18001 certification on health protection and safety of the employees, which makes Terna one of the few Italian listed companies having an integrated quality-environment-safety system;
  • Terna's strengths and areas for improvement in the CSR field both in Italy and in Brazil were examined. The analysis was conducted by the Vigeo company and represents a point of reference for listing the CSR objectives within a coherent strengthening plan;
  • a program for training, developmentWorks on the electricity grid which lead to the adjustment or upgrading of the transport, transformation,connection and interconnection capacity, or an increase in operating flexibility of the grid, or the removal ofgrid elements. and internal communication initiatives was begun, to address the critical points that emerged from the People Satisfaction survey (the following survey conducted during the first months of 2008 registered an improvement in the general satisfaction index);
  • studies continued for fine-tuning a program for CO2 emission reduction that acts on the principal sources of Terna's emissions;
  • an integrated approach between shared social responsibility and company culture received a strong impulse from the annual convention for managers and staff that in 2007 was devoted to sustainability (see box "The annual meeting We:Me of 2007 devoted to sustainability").

Terna's progresses in the areas of interest of its stakeholders are extensively illustrated in the four chapters of this Report that show the responsibility for the electricity service, which is specific to Terna, and its performance in the economic, environmental and social fields.

The Objectives for 2008 represent further progress made on initiatives that are already underway (see the attached table); the following chart provides a brief summary. These objectives include:

  • a campaign for highlighting the contents of the Code of EthicsIt is often called a“business charter”, as it represents the foundation of the company’s culture and explicitly sets forth the rights and duties and areas of responsibility that the business undertakes to respect in dealing with its stakeholders. It is an official document, signed by the BoD, which requiresthe compliance of all personnel., to be divided in various external communication channels
  • strengthening internal communication through new tools and initiatives;
  • a more solid structuring of the stakeholder engagement process;
  • pursuing contacts with environmentalist associations for establishing cooperation and agreements;
  • widening the informative base on CSR topics for systematically including the Brazilian activities and expanding the number of the Group's indicators.

Highlight: The annual 2007 WE:ME meeting devoted to sustainability


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